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Welcome to my Family Gallery where I have pictures of family members old and young.


Here's my family (Mam, Dad, Nan and Dave) at my graduation in 2000.

Mam and Dad

Mam and Dad at a dance before they were married.

Ryan Family

Mam and her family outside their home in Cashel. I think this was taken sometime around 1974.

Ryan Wedding

My mother's parents on their wedding day back in 1951.

Auntie Mary

Auntie Mary, Nan (both on my mother's side) and myself in Portlaoise in December 2002.

Granny & Grandad

My father's parents. I think this was taken in the late 60's or early 70's.

Great Grandmother

This is my great grandmother, on my father's mother's side, Hanora Keating, although everyone in the family called her Nana. I think this was taken around the turn of the 20th Century.

Great Grandad

This is my great grandad, Thomas Delahunty. He lived from 1859 to 1948, and was a tailor by trade. To his right is his son, Jack.

Brother Fred

My grand uncle, Brother Fred Delahunty, with one of his classes in india, where he spent many years in the missions.

Primary School

My aunts Till, Mary and Brigid in New Inn primary school. The 3 of them are in the front row.

Brigid's Wedding

My aunt Brigid (Delahunty's) wedding. My father is in the back on the left.


My aunt Margaret (Delahunty) in her wedding dress.

Nuala's Wedding

My aunt Nuala (Delahunty's) wedding.


My aunt Till (Delahunty).


Myself and my uncle Jim, whom I was able to visit on a recent stopover in London!!

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