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In the coming weeks I'll be adding more pictures of myself, my family and my friends.

Fun in Bristol

Brian, Michael, Neil, Peter and Seán flying the flag in Bristol the night before Munster win the Celtic League final!

Random Supporters

Haven't a clue who we're dancing with here!

Millenium Posers

We have arrived! The "Cashel On Tour Munster Supporters Club" check out the impressive Millenium Stadium, Cardiff!

Gleesons' Big Head

A brilliant photo of a pub scrum is ruined by Gleesons' big head!

Lucky Pete

Friendly Welsh girls were everywhere! G'wan Peter, ya good thing!

Pure Sick

Michael and Neilly "pure sick" in Cardiff airport on the way home!

Baby Liam

CONGRATULATIONS to baby Liam on his recent Christening!

Dela & Liv

Olivia & I relaxing at Dermo & Dees.

Tipp Supporters

Olivia & I keeping the good side out after Tipperary are defeated by Kilkenny in the All-Ireland semi final.

Dermo Dee & Dela

Myself, Dermo and Dee enjoying a drink or two.

Looking Good

Erika, Fernando and I supporting Tipp in the Senior Camogie final.

Super Swede

Erika does her impression of a Swedish superhero!

Sweet as a nut

"She's as sweet as a nut Joey". Barry proclaims his love for John Carroll....


Analysing where it all went wrong in Roddys...I think we all know the answer to that, Peter, don't we?!?!


Fay tries out more new colours.


Eugene, Paul, Worzel and I enjoying the pints in Cuba, Galway.


Eugene, myself and Justin. The senior NUI Maynooth Kumite Karate Intervarsity team, 2000.


NUIM, NUID, and DCU clubs get together for a friendly Karate tournament.

Paddys Day (2001)

The Kid, Skang and Cockles enjoying Paddys' Day in the Dubliner in Gothenburg.

Puc Fada

The boys 'n' girls at the Paddys' Day (2001) Puc Fada (Long Puc) competition in Gothenburg.

Poor Kid

Poor Billy...Limerick knocked out again!!

Wexford man??

Leinster Final day with Seán and Dec. I'm made an honorary Wexford man for the day...anything to stop the Cats!!

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